I'm currently at Big Human, making the internet a better place. Here's a small sample of my work—if you'd like to see more, I'd love to chat!





FriendsFest '15

Conceived by a couple of friends and executed with my assistance, Friendsfest was an adult summer camp weekend in upstate New York. I created a visual identity for the event and applied it to a website and various printed items, including t-shirts and temporary tattoos.

concept development
visual design
web design + development
art direction





Outlook for Windows 10

Designed core interaction and visual experiences for Outlook on touch devices. Primary designer on Calendar, with a focus on visual systems across Outlook app ecosystem.

visual design
product planning
user research




It's time to start looking forward to your alarms. Alarmi lets friends create and send personalized, smart, alarms and reminders. Side project in development. 

concept development
visual design
interaction design




A content management and communication system for creative team projects, Facet streamlines file versioning and task assignment. Teams can dynamically add metadata and conversations to their files through a live shared chat experience inside Adobe files.

Currently in beta as a plugin for Adobe Illustrator.

concept development
visual design
interaction design




Amazon Santa

A fun tablet app that helps kids build holiday wish lists. 

4.5 star app store rating—

"It's a super app that you could put in the hands of any kid...it was faster than browsing Amazon.com."

"Make one for adults!"

concept development




Website showcasing the work of the UW Design graduating class of 2012. Check out the live site.

Featured on:
Design Work Life


interaction design




The world is your app store.

Apt is a service that finds and delivers useful apps based on a person's location and situation. Apps in this world are broadcasted locally by individuals and institutions rather than downloaded from app stores. The concept allows apps to 
reveal themselves and fade from devices according to relevance.

Selected to present at 2012 Microsoft Design Expo.

concept development
interaction design
visual design
video editing